Career Counselling is a procedure of advising and Providing data with respect to a specific hopefuls Strengths, Interests, Personality thus that they can pick the career which best suits them. Career Counselling after 12th.

What’s Next? Career Counselling after 12th!

Look around you and you find that so many new careers have emerged in the past decade! Various new courses that claim to guarantee you a definitive career, a well-paying job. Unique choices, N Number of electives, places and colleges!! All these alternatives, have made it even more confusing. Career Counselling in Hyderabad.

What Neext,Confused? Career Counselling after12th

Career options available after 12th:

  1. Engineering
  2. Medical / Paramedical courses
  3. Sciences
  4. Management courses
  5. Commerce/Arts
  6. Defence/Army and many other courses

All these courses are just upper-level courses, choosing right stream in those courses is again a Huge Challenge.

What should you choose? How should you find out what your strength is? What is it that you are naturally inclined to enjoy? That’s when career counselling is Important!!

Importance of Career Counselling:

After vital achievements in Learnings, every single one of us faces a Question ‘what next’. What next after High School, Intermediate and Graduation.

Career guiding can help in all the real achievements in a single’s profession. Right off the bat, to choose a stream and subject blends, Selecting the graduation course,post graduation and different career choice!

Career Guidance includes experimentally created twisted tests and identity tests that enable a career advisor to give the most appropriate professional guidance to the dependent on his report of his fitness and identity.

Human limits are interminable and can never be estimated, nor are we to make a decision of what one can do. Each individual has one of a kind attributes, for everybody has his or her own qualities and shortcomings.

The key is to recognize these remarkable characteristics is through Psychometric Test and professional guiding.

Pros-students who prefer career counselling

  1. Passions and Interests
  2. Your Ideal Profession
  3. Right assessment of weakness and strength
  4. Right goal setting leads to better choice
  5. Explore various career choices

Cons: Students who Don’t prefer career counselling

  1. Confused in career making
  2. Unsatisfied with career/Stress
  3. face failures.

Path Align helps you to find the Purpose in your career by providing all the Qualities mentioned above through different Assessments and Scientific Tests.”

Package 1: Rs 2500/-

Profile Assessment
Pshychometric Assessment
18 Page Career report
One on One Counselling with Career Counsellor
Stream recommendation

Package 2: Rs 3500/-

Profile Assessment
Psychometric Assessment
18 Page Career report
One on One Counselling with Career Counsellor
Stream recommendation
Career Wikipedia on 435+ Careers
College/Exam/Scholarship directory
Online Student Counsellor Connect for 12 Months

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